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The Gold Coast is famous for its beaches and family-friendly theme parks, but get off the main strip to find quaint neighbourhoods, incredible restaurants and lush hinterland waiting to be explored.

Surfers Paradise Beach

Sun, sand, and sea — the Gold Coast’s alliterative assets — are on impressive display at this iconic three-kilometer strand. Despite all the skyscrapers rising behind the beach and the many bronzed bodies basking along its shore, it remains a surprisingly clean and picturesque stretch.Kids can splash around in the shallows or build sandcastles in the soft white sand. 

Sea World

Sea World on the Gold Coast is the largest marine park in Australia. Young and old alike will enjoy the exhibits and busy agenda of shows here, with favorites like performing dolphins, sea lions, and Jet-Ski stunts. Other highlights include the polar bears, penguin feeding presentation. as well as the tropical fish, shark, and ray exhibits.

Warner Bros Movie World

At Warner Bros Movie World, kids can come face to face with superheroes, ride roller coasters, see stunt shows, and immerse themselves in fantasylands on 3D interactive rides. Little ones will love the kids’ Fun Zone with colorful rides and Looney Tunes characters, and the parades on “Main Street” are also a hit.Favorites rides including the hair-raising DC Rivals Hypercoaster, and the Green Lantern Coaster. 

Why invest in Australia?
Strategic location

Australia’s location gives us an edge in two ways – through strong geographic, trade and cultural links with the fast-growing Indo-Pacific region – and by providing a bridge with 24-hour connectivity between the world’s major time zones.

Consistent economic growth

Australia has entered its 27th year of uninterrupted annual growth since 1990–91, an achievement unequalled by any other developed economy (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2016–17).

World-class infrastructure

Australia’s strategically located ports, well-planned rail and road transport networks and efficient logistics chains have been nicely designed with the needs of most business in mind.


From the bright lights of the Gold Coast to the technicolour underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland has a slice of paradise to suit every traveller.


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